Vietnam: Top Tourist Attractions

Tropical Paradise of Vietnam

Vietnam Travel: Top Tourist Attractions

Beautiful and lovely Island Formation of Vietnam
Beautiful Island Formation of Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the best countries to visit. It encompasses incredible scenery and great history. It is typically warm and humid, but the weather can vary from region to region due to the length of the country. Vietnam is full of ancient buildings, great food, and natural wonders. There are a lot of breathtaking landscapes such as Ha Long Bay and  Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

One can visit the Mekong Delta to look at an ancient riverside lifestyle. The people of Vietnam are very friendly and hospitable. People who visit always give feedback on how friendly they are. One can enjoy the best coffee in the world as Vietnam is the second leading producer of coffee. The country has been around for thousands of years which have made it possess a rich culture that manifests in many interesting ways. To see the culture in action, one can visit during one of many Vietnam festivals.

An example of such a festival is Tet which is an amazing way to see how families celebrate their love for their ancestors and each other.

One can also visit historic war sites like Saigon which have been turned into museums depicting the inevitable triumph of the Vietnamese nation.



Vietnam great food and Cuisines

Traditional vegetable market Vietnam

Vietnam has great food such as pho noodles, spring rolls, and bun cha. The food varies by region with different types of vegetables, poultry, seafood, and meat.

Beer is another which varies by region. Every major city seems to have its own brand of beer. Vietnam’s land transportation system is an excellent way to journey at a leisurely pace and enjoy the view.


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