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Experience great Holiday in Phuket island, Thailand

The island of Phuket, Thailand is one of the most visited travel and holiday destinations in the world. Especially,  for tourists from the UK, the European Union, US and China. I decided to write a quick blog post about travelling to Phuket to enlighten travellers or tourist planning. I decided to write about holiday or visit to Phuket as this great island and holiday destination .

Phuket beautiful landscape

However, Phuket island is famous for its coastline,  beaches and hotel resorts and recreational activities. The tropical island of Phuket is the largest in Thailand.  The island of Phuket is also suitable for all types of fun-loving tourist, travellers, young and ol. {Phuket is also a great holiday destination for your family holiday. Phuket beautiful landscapes with its surrounding mountains and deep blue sea make Phuket, Thailand an exotic holiday destination. Phuket is also one of the most popular and visited island in Thailand.  Especially, for tourists and travellers that want to enjoy tropical beaches  and relaxation in luxury hotel resorts.

Booking holiday to Phuket, Thailand

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Visa services to Thailand

Importantly, if you are from a country that require before you can travel or visit Thailand, you can apply for your visa through online through Ivisa online visa services from the comfort of your home see here

Arriving in Phuket and Airport Transfer

Travelling to foreign country can be exiting but stressful. To avoid such stress, you can always  booking your hotel, and airport transport tranfer ahead before departing your your country.  You can book your airport pick from Phuket with  airport taxi, airport shuttle ahead through I-Way shared pre-book airport shuttle from Phuket International Airport to your hotel on arrival see here and book airport transfer with I-Way shuttle bus.

You can book shuttle from your hotel to Phuket airport for departure transfer to avoid the long queue for taxis and making it relax  journey to or from your hotel and the Phuket airport. You can also book private airport transfer from Phuket international airport to your hotel with private cars book here

Popular tourists attractions and activities in Phuket

There are various tourists attractions and activities in Phuket  that you can enjoy. You can book day tours, day trips, nature adventure, sightseeing trips. These tour activities  are the best ways to see this beauty  exotic island of  Phuket. If you book tickets online you can save on prices. You will also have the opportunity to choose suitable day and  time see link below for tourist tours and activities in Phuket.

! See link here for  top tours and attractions and actitivities in Phuket and book your tickets in advance.  

Popular activities in Pkuket

In fact, besides the beautiful beaches, seashores and resorts, the island of Phuket has several local markets where you can have a wonderful day out and enjoy Thailand, traditional cuisines and seafoods. The local markets in Phuket are special places to see. This is because Phuket local market offer different tropical fruits, vegetables and food. This island of  Phuket  has to offer.Patong beach is one of the most popular beach coastlines in Phuket. Patong beach famous for tourists and visitors that love nature and beautiful tropical environment.

The good thing about Phuket as a wonderful holiday destinatiions is your opportunity to visit several islands, villages and cities. The you can experince  with cheap day tours which can booked througGetYourGuide

Such tours and attractions  in Phuket are: Ferry Transfer Phuket To/From Phi Phi,Phuket: James Bond Island Excursion by Longtail Boat, Phuket: Phi Phi, Maya, Bamboo, Maiton Island Day Trip to  mention just a few. See more attractions here

See below for some of the Phuket most popular tours and activities

Phuket offer abundant cheap food and  cuisines . A visit to Phuket beautiful fine dining restaurants and cafes is for your relaxation. Especially if yor are interested in Thailand traditional cuisines. These cuisine you  can enjoyed sitting under palm trees near the beache in Phuket. A half day cooking class of  Thai Cooking  & Local Market Tours are also available book here see link. For more on things to do  or tour activitites in Phuket,Top tourist Attractions in Phuket, all sightseeing in Phuket or  Cities in Thailand, see the full list and details here

It also a fascinating holiday destination and location to take those perfect pictures of memories that will last a long forever. 

Explore Phuket Nightlife

If you are one of those that like and enjoy night outing, Phuket nightlife is a great experience for visitors to the island. Phuket tourist and visitors can enjoy a night out full of fun, where tourists and locals in the island can enjoy entertainments, bars, and live concerts, music, theatres, and other adventurous activities for which Phuket is famous for. The Beer cafes are the best places to visit with friends for exciting nightlife, night out and dance experiences.

Thailand culture aventure and tours

For tourists and visitors seeking travel destinations that offer a blend of cultural experience and tourism, Phuket, Thailand is the place to be. Phuket, Thailand has numerous temples, museums, and various heritage sites for visitors to experience the rich culture of Thailand.

Phuket city, tours and activities
Phuket city, tours and activities

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