New York a city that never sleeps

Statue of Liberty, New York


New York: A city that never sleeps

New York is one of the most beautiful city in the work located in the US. New York has a large population of about eight million poeple  with racial diversity. If your like hot summer weather, visit New York in the summer. You will enjoy the New York hot summer days. If you plan to visit New York in the Winter, know that that weather can be humid with very cold winter months. The New York city can be windy, wet and partly cloudy in most part of the year.  New york city skyline is one of it kind in the world. Book your city tour activities here and enjoy New York.  One of the most notabe New York’s landmark is the Empire State Building. The Chrysler Building is another important building that New York is known for.

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Statue Of Liberty
The Statue Of Liberty New York

New York’s Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is awe-inspiring. While New York statue of Liberty stand tall and can be seen from few kilometers away. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of over 700 bridges that make up the city of New York. Such bridges of New York spans the east river between Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan. Take a walk on the bridge, you will give you a great view of the Manhattan’s skyline.

New York Time Square  and New York Landmarks

The New York Time Square provides for all types actitivies for all. New York time square is a connection line between commercial part of the city.  New York Time Square is a tourist destination, entertainment center, and neighborhood in the Midtown Manhattan. This is also connected to  Broadway and Seventh Avenue where you can have all types of theater entertainments. The beauty of New York Time Square of rest on its flashing lightings. 

New York is home to different sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, etc.  The Yankees stadium is home to the New York Yankees is a great place to watch and experience  some baseball games. New Yorks is home to the New York Nicks.  In addition, the Madison Square Garden is a great place to watch some basketball games as well.

One of the most recognizable landmark in New York is The Statue of Liberty, a colossal neoclassical structure in New York harbor. New York Central Park in the middle of Manhattan is one of the city’s most nature site of New York. New York Central Park has various nature if you love green scenery and nature. New York Central Park is endowed with zoo, lakes and trees.

New York City Night Life

New is called the city that never sleeps because of the never ending night activities and entertainment.  If you like enjoying night life visit different night clubs, bars, discos. If you want like food from around the world, enjoy cuisines from the world in thousand of  restaurants New York has to offer.

For popular tour sites in New York see below


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The city of New York

Plan Your Travel to New York

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